Tibet 2016 - High Himalayas

2016-10-15 Xigaze to Everest National Park, elevations up to 5253m

that's not a pass - THIS is a pass!
We travelled from Xigatse to Basum today. Basum is within the Mt. Oomolangma National Park (Mt Everest). En route we passed over several high passes: Tsou La pass (4530m); Gyatso La (5253m), which gave the first glimpse of the high himalayas; and Kya Wu Lha pass (5202m), the first sight of Everest and other major peaks.  Basum is a small Tibetan village (4370m) only 40 kilometres (25 miles) from Everest Base Camp. We stayed with a local Tibetan family in their traditional home.

The peaks shown in this gallery include five of the top 15 highest peaks in the world. The first 14 of these are all over 8000m. On a clear day, which we had, they combine and conspire to provide opportunities for photographs that almost take themselves.